Design for
all screen sizes (responsive design for phones, tablets and computers)

This course is meant for graphic designers

What's this course about?

In the past few years, graphic design for the web has matures into high level art and science. Small changes in the design of a website can have a tremendous effect on a company's bottom line. Design is communication, and communication is the key to succes in almost any area. The role of good design in the economy of the 21st century can hardly be overestimated. Design is not just about 'pretty' anymore, it's about user exerience, effectiveness and trust. In this course, we try to give talented designers a new perspective on their passion by teaching them not just about the importance of user interface design, but by also giving some practical tips on how to achieve succes.

Is this course for me?

Probably not. This course is open only to beginning designers who posses a demonstrable talent and feel for good design. But if that's you, we'd be very happy to have you in our class!

What is the NDD Academy?

NDD Academy is a series of short, intensive, high-level web design trainings, aimed at familiarizing young web designers and developers with high quality styles, standards and technologies which are customary in Europe and the United States. NDD Academy courses are always offered completely free of charge to selected freshers. NDD Academy is set up by Next Door Digital, a European company specializing in cutting edge web design and internet marketing. It is primarily meant as a recruitment tool for new web developers, but you don't need to be looking for a job to apply - educating and spreading knowledge are our core values, and we believe that everyone who is ambitious should have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with new insights and technolgies.

After this course, will Next Door Digital offer me a job or traineeship?

If you are a talented designer, we may ask you to join our design and usability team as a junior designer. You will get lots of training from our senior designers and great projects to work on. Depending on your experience at the start there may or may not be a one year bond if you decide to join us.

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What is
the NDD Academy?

NDD Academy is set up by Next Door Digital, a European company specializing in web development and internet marketing. We believe in spreading knowlege and we like to help talented freshers in Pune become true online media professionals. All courses are always and will always be 100% free of charge.

NDD Academy offers courses for programmers, coders, graphic designers, and online marketing specialists. If you like, you can read more here.

Practical Details

Who can apply:

Truly talent designers with demonstrable design skills can apply. No formal training or education is required, but you must have a good command of the English language.

Application period:

Sign up now and we'll contact you when dates are announced

Announcement selected participants:

Sign up now and we'll contact you when dates are announced.

Course dates:

Jul 16 to 20, every day from 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM. The certification exam will be on the last day.


The certification examination will be on the last day of course. Word of warning: our exams are notoriously hard, so certification is not guaranteed.


NDD Academy certificate 'Basic principles of effective web design'. Attendance of all classes is required to participate in the exam; only students producing a sufficient result on the exam will obtain NDD Academy certification.

Location of the course and exam:

The Next Door Digital Office in Kharadi. That's near World Trade Center, Pune. We'll send you an exact route and GPS coordinates when you have been selected to participate in the course.

Tuition, registration and enrolment fee:

Free for selected participants. (Yes, really. Free! And no, there are no hidden fees, strings or small print either).

Sign up for class of '18!

Step 1: Who are you?

So, you want to participate in the NDD Academy 2018? Great! Here is what you need to do. Fill in this form and submit it. Simple, no?

But don't take it too lightly. It will take approximately 10 minutes to do it right. Resist any temptation to answer strategically, it will not help you to get selected. Simply be honest and straightforward, and we may just like you :)

If you have a specific questions, contact us at or through our Facebook page.

Your prefered course date

16 Jul 2018 - 20 Jul 2018

Your personal information

Please enter your date of birth as DD/MM/YYYY

Please enter your email address, we need to contact you!


Step 2: What you have done?

We realize that you apply to the NDD Academy because you want to learn something new. But to make sure we put you in the right group, please tell us a little about what you already know.

Here's a hint: we do not select the superhero who rates his or her own skills the highest, but we think very highly of people who can realistically assess their own strengths and challenges.

Your education and skills



Your CV

It is completely optional (really!), but if you like you can upload your complete CV here.

You can upload a file of up to 4 mb

Some optional question

Q. From where do you get references for design inspirations?



Rate the following design skills, anywhere from one star ("What is that?") to five stars ("So what? I am simply the best!").


Step 3: What can you do?

At NDD, we know about design and technology. As you undoubtedly know, a good designer needs to have a wicked good technique while a good technologist must always be creative. So please, tell us a bit about your current skills. Though we probably made this point before: being overly confident does not help you to get selected, but being honest and realistic does!

Technologies and software programs

How well versed are you with the following technologies, whether through education, work or self study?

One star mean that you more or less know what a technology is used for, but you never actually used it. With two or three stars you have dabbled in it for a bit, perhaps in school. Four stars mean you have a solid working experience. Five stars? You should be the one teaching the course!


Soft skills

Rate the following skills from one star ("What is that?") to five stars ("So what? I am simply the best!").

Hard skills

Rate the following special skills, anywhere from one star ("What is that?") to five stars ("So what? I am simply the best!").

If there is any software program or technology that you feel especially confident about, but that wasn't in the list? We'd hate to see you frustrated, so we created this box just so you call us about it! (optional)


Last step: Motivation

Almost there... didn't we tell you it would take a while?

Yes this last page is far and away the most important! We like to know what your plans are for the future, and why you'd like to join NDD Academy. Don't think you know what we like to hear. Trust us, you don't! So best thing to do is just to tell it like it is.

Your motivation

In the left column below, you see 10 possible motivations to join the NDD Academy. The order is random. Select the motivations that apply to you, and drag and drop these to the column on the right. Place them in the correct order, with your more important motivation on top. Take this question very seriously - we certainly do!

Select from here...

  • Chance to be offered a paid job at the end of the course
  • Deepen my existing skill set
  • Meet new people
  • Learn more about web technology in general
  • Receive an NDD Academy Certificate to add to my CV
  • Learn about a specific topic in web development
  • I take any excuse to get out of the house for a couple of nights
  • Have an experience in a non-Indian company
  • Join my friend who also applied
  • Find out a bit more about the company NDD

... and rank here in order of importance

Types of design you know?

Rate the following design skills, anywhere from one star ("What is that?") to five stars ("So what? I am simply the best!").

Would you like to work with us?

After the course, I might be interested in accepting a paid traineeship or job at NDD. Please select one of the following options:

Your last chance

There may be something you would like to tell us about yourself that we didn't ask. Well, here's your chance! No more than 400 characters though (optional)

If you like what you see, then join us!

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