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Earn your NDD Academy certification in advanced web development

Next Door Digital is a small European web development and internet marketing company with a development office in Pune. Are you a fresher in IT, arts or maths, and are you ready to learn some serious skills? Then we like to meet you! Sign up for one of our 5 morning or 5 night courses now - it's completely free! We may offer selected participants a traineeship or a junior position at the end of the training, but also if you're not looking for a job feel free to sign up!


  • Hot new topics in web development that you can't find in other local courses
  • Small groups, with only smart guys and girls
  • 100% free for selected freshers
  • Pass the exam and earn your NDD Academy certification
  • Paid traineeships and jobs may be offered to selected participants
  • Why are you still up here? Sign up below!
But why free?

Free? Really?

The NDD Academy is organized by Next Door Digital, a web development and internet marketing company from Europe (The Netherlands, to be exact). For our development center in Pune we regularly need to hire new staff.
Unfortunately, hiring staff means sitting through endless job interviews, asking the same questions over and over, until we find the person who fits with our team and our European way of working.
So, one fine day we figured it would be much more fun to spread the knowledge we have and at the same time get to know some local freshers. They may be looking for a job right now, or they might be soon. Others may already have some experience, but they feel they need a different kind of challenge than most local companies provide.

In short, the NDD Academy for us is a networking opportunity that helps us find new programmers, coders, designers and marketeers for our team. For you, NDD Academy is simply a chance to learn some things you might not otherwise. So, that's why it's all free!


Web Page Coding


You know HTML and CSS? Yeah, right! Coding the right way requires some serious skills! Includes HTML5 primer.

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Web Programming

Adobe ColdFusion 9

Adobe ColdFusion is the fastest way to build cool dynamic websites. (Java) programmers apply!

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Web Marketing
and Analytics

Number crunchers galore! The smart kids follow the money and learn Web Analytics and AdWords Marketing.

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Graphic design
for all screen sizes

You like to create graphics for web sites that have maximal impact on computers as well as on tablets and phones

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February 2012 - Marketing & Analytics Exam
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June 2012 - ColdFusion Certification
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PhotoGallery12 PhotoGallery14 PhotoGallery11
PhotoGallery15 PhotoGallery11 PhotoGallery10
February 2011 - HTML Coding course
PhotoGallery04 PhotoGallery05 PhotoGallery06
Always having fun!
PhotoGallery07 PhotoGallery16 PhotoGallery17
For us, work means not "spending time in the office", but "doing great things"
PhotoGallery18 PhotoGallery19 PhotoGallery08
At Next Door Digital, we don't compete with each other, but we collaborate
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We may be a European style company, but we do like Indian birthday traditions just the same!

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